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Use Headings to Improve the Quality of your Website

If you want to label HTML documents on your website, heading tags can come handy. Not only that, but you can also use them to provide structure to your website. Reliable web designers such as Bricks and Mortar Creative can offer valuable support on how you can utilize heading tags, although many designers just use one or two in a website.

Styled texts, tags, or images do not equate to the use of heading tags on a website. Some of the advantages of using heading tags include:

·         Accessibility

·         Overall structure of the website

·         SEO

For instance, if you use XHTML versions 4.01 or 1.0, the heading tags can provide a logical flow to your web pages. In that case, H1 appears the top of a page and H6 appears at the bottom of the page. The H1 element should always be at the top of a web page, followed by other levels in sequence. Skipping a level may show some lack of organization on your documents.

Here are a few tasks you can accomplish by using heading tags:

To enhance SEO

 Search engines such as Google have spiders that enable them to read HTML. As such, they know the significance of using heading tags. For example, if you use the tags properly, search engines will consider more the text within the heading tags. This gives your website an opportunity to move up the ranks in search engines.

To improve access to your website

 Headings direct your visitors. They show the beginning of a significant text on a web page. This is even more important when you use a screen reader or any other assistive device to scan the pages or sections of web pages. You will not have read the entire text as long as you have appropriate heading tags in place. read more