Do’s and Don’ts When Doing Laundry Room Renovations

Undergoing bathroom renovations is one of the biggest projects you could take on for your home. It also makes a worthwhile investment since this is a functional room in the house. When you talk about renovating your bathroom though, do not forget to consider another component to the bathroom that serves an equally important component: the laundry room. If you decide to undergo laundry renovations too, you have come to the right place. Take note of the list of do’s and don’ts in order to make the most of your renovated laundry area.
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• DO assess how you use the space and create a plan for the renovation accordingly. Just as you plan the layout and aesthetics for your bathroom renovations, you should also do the same in your laundry room. Do you use it for doing laundry alone? Or do you like to keep your dirty laundry in the same room? Do you also iron and fold your clothes here? If you answered yes to all these questions, you might want to build a bigger laundry room in order to accommodate all of these activities.
• DO leave it to professionals. If you have been reading home décor blogs and would want to DIY your bathroom renovations because you think you can do it, stop right there. A laundry room has more involved than just re-painting it and changing up the furnishings. This is one room in the house (along with your bathroom and kitchen) that you should absolutely keep your thoughts of doing DIY projects out the window. Leave this to the professionals if you do not want to spend more in the long run.
• DO plan carefully where to place your laundry room. You want the room to be in a part of the house that is easily accessible without causing disturbances due to the noise and vibration from the washing machine and dryer.
• DO NOT neglect drain placement. Water is and will always be one of the biggest problems you’ve had to deal with when it comes to renovating your laundry room. This is why you should hire no less than the experts to fix your laundry room if you want to avoid issues such as overflowing water or clogging.
• DO NOT overcapitalize on it. Sure, a laundry room serves an important role in the house. However, you need to spend only on the most essential additions to this part of the house since this is not a showpiece room anyway. As long as the room has adequate space in it and is equipped with all of the essential fixtures you need to handle the laundry, then you are good to go!
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